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The Gallery shows my work, as well as content developed by other artists for and related to lumarca.

Srihari Sritharan used Lumarca w/ Ardunio in a collaboration between Brown University and RISD:

Diego Maranan's "Iím Sorry Because Itís Useful" performance incorporated a Lumarca:

Albert's original WireMap:

Elliot Woods developed lightscape 3d out of Albert Hwang's original WireMap:

Litescape 3D from Elliot Woods on Vimeo.

With a lot of help from Anderson Miller, Thomas Gerhardt and I connected his awesome thesis project, the mudtub with lumarca. The results were very satisfying.

This is a FFT sound visualization writtern in Chuck by C. Anderson Miller, sent to a Lumarca Content Program where it was displayed and extruded over depth.

Lumarca at the New York Hall of Science Gala:
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